2" Kannastor GR8TR 6 Piece Grinder

2" Kannastor GR8TR 6 Piece Grinder

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The GR8TR v2 by Kannastor is the most advanced grinder on the market, allowing you to adjust your flower and herb grinds using a medium or fine easy change grinder plate. Use the medium plate for a standard bud grind for smoking in your bong bowls and the fine grind is the perfect setting for bud you are going to vape or roll into a blunt or joint to smoke. 

Grinder Features:

  • 5 piece design plus extra GR8TR plate
  • Adjustable grind (Medium or Fine)
  • Premium food-grade quality
  • Sharp micro teeth for perfect grinding
  • Anti-friction & residue rings
  • Top and bottom lid storage
  • Storage box & bag
  • Matte Black, Rose Gold or Silver polished finish
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Worldwide patented design
  • Etched Kannastor logo

Please note there is no pollen screen in grinder.